Category:  Film Music

Song by Enjott Schneider (lyrics: Wolfgang Ramadan), which is central to Joseph Vilsmaier's feature film RAMA DAMA: a jazz combo in the GI Club of the US soldiers sings this farewell song (sung by Mel Canedy) ... while emotional separations, tears and goodbyes take place. Enjott can be seen as the jazz pianist of the film combo. The song still touches me very much today, because we recorded it just on my 40th birthday on 25.5. 1990 (with me as pianist) in the Meilhaus Studios Munich.

Duration: 4:30

Instrumentation: Vocals, ten.sax., piano, bass, drums

Text/Lyrics by: Wolfgang Ramadan

Additional remarks: Created as 'Farewell song of an American GI' for the film 'Rama Dama' (J. Vilsmaier)

Records:  BMG-Ariola,  1990

Performers on recording: Mel Canedy (voc.), Billy Gorlt (sax.), Enjott Schneider (piano), Hans Lengefeld (bass), Max Klinker (drums)