Category:  Chamber Music

Movements: Allegro - Adagio - Presto

(3:50 ? 2:30 ? 3:20)

Duration: 10 Minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music:  , 2008

Instrumentation: Clarinet (B), 2 violinv, viola, cello

Solo instruments: Klarinette (B)

Introduction: "Mantras" are Buddhist cultural prayer repetitions of short, concise formulae to bring about a sanctum of postive thoughts, to express a basic trust of creation and to bring a person closer to himself. These are characteristics which can be found in the music of Mozart. In this respect, fragments of the aria "Non ho colpa" were used and repeated for this clarinet quintett. A work of postive radiation was created.

Dedication: Dedicated to Ingeborg Schneider - as gratitude for 50 years of accompanying me through life

World premiere:  11.04.2006, Munich(Gasteig, small concert hall)

Performers at world premiere: Stefan Schneider (clarinet), Winfried Grabe/Josi Vorbuchner (violin), Tilbert Weigel (viola), Johanna Varner (cello).
Concert series KOMPONISTEN@MÜNCHEN:DE Munich sound artists' association in collaboration with Munich State culture department