Category:  Chamber Music

Movements: 1: Andante con moto, 2: Moderato,
3: Vivo, 4: Adagio, 5: Calmo

Instrumentation: Clarinet (violin) and piano (organ)

Solo instruments: Clarinet, Piano, Organ, Violin

Introduction: 'Mandala' is an ornamental, mostly circular diagram in eastern Buddhist art or religion. It serves as an aid to meditation and symbolises healing and humanity as a whole with its ordered cyclic patterns. By analogy, these musical pieces are circling in rhythmic patterns, in an extraordinary way complex, and yet very basic. In order to understand this work rhythmically it is necessary to study these Mandalas.

Dedication: Dedicated to my daughter Christiane for her 14th birthday

Additional remarks: Variable cast of melody instruments, optionally accompanied by piano or organ.

World premiere:  10.10.1997, Christophoruskirche Neukeferloh near Munich

Performers at world premiere: Winfried Grabe (vl.), Mathias Gerstner (organ)