Category:  Film Music

One of my first TV-dokus: The music is made very simple without big production costs, just with a DX7 synthesizer. But this little film was broadcasted over many years almost 100 times by ARD... which surprised and delighted me very much. Collaboration with director and cameraman Jürgen Grundmann, with whom I made many more documentaries... from New Zealand to Kamchatka in Siberia.

Duration: 45:00, soundtrack: 14:00

Movie:  MAE NAM - Mutter des Wassers.,  1985

Movie directed by: Jürgen Grundmann

Movie produced by: Tellux Film

Distributor of movie: SWF Tellux-Film

Performers in movie: Enjott Schneider (keyboards) played on DX7-Synthesizer in Stuio "Weltklang"/Munich