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LILALU ist princess and the main protagoniste in a famous serie (13 parts) of the puppet theatre AUGSBURGER PUPPENKISTE. Enjott Schneider and Andreas Weidinger composed the soundtrack and this title song.... LILALU got very fast a beloved melody of Childrens in Germany. On this CD you find not only the original version but also modern type as Clubmix and elektzroversion.

Movements: 1: Lilalu. Hofnotenmeister mix
2: Lilalu. Uloxextended mix
3: Lilalu. Syncopias Club mix
4: Original title from the childrens film 'Lilalu'

Duration: Various versions between 3:50-7:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Wonderland-Entertainment-publisher , 2001

Instrumentation: Vocals, violin, trumpet, cello, electronics, percussion

Text/Lyrics by: Enjott Schneider/Andreas Weidinger

Dedication: for Gabriele Steck

Additional remarks: incl. the 'Lilalu' video multimedia track

Records:  VIRGIN Records, LC 03098 Lilalu in Schepperland,  2000

Performers on recording: Gabriele Steck (vocals)