Category:  Choir / Vocal , Organ / Sacred Music

Movements: 'Kyrie' / 'Gloria'

Duration: 10:00 (Movements: 5:00, 5:00)

Publisher of notes/sheet music:  , 2012

Instrumentation: Choir, sound effects

Text/Lyrics by: Latin liturgy

Additional remarks: Suitable for a simple choir.
Original whale-songs (sound effects together with water sounds, percussion elements and electronic sounds) interact through the whale-song -like motifs in the texts of the Kyrie and Gloria.
Commissioned for the 'Cantionale 94' Munich

World premiere:  10.07.1995, München, St. Matthäus (

Performers at world premiere: Cantionale 94 choir, drection: Roderich Kreile

Press reviews for world premiere: FROM SOUND IMAGES TO WHALE VOICES (Amberger Zeitung as well as Oberpfalznetz on the 12.6.2004) Spectacular end to the 2-hour concert was Enjott Schneider's 'Kyrie and Gloria' for whale-voices, choir and sound effects. Well-functioning whale voices, underwater noises and percussion united with choir and keenly joining in the singing audience to a unique, overpowering sound experience. There was long persistent, eager applause. (Andreas Prölß).