Category:  Film Music , Chamber Music

Movements: 1: ENIGMATIC

Duration: 14 minutes

Instrumentation: Electronic, sampling instruments, guitars and various orchestral samples from own recordings

Introduction: Enjott Schneider:
"KURT BRUCKNER'S QUASI-CRYSTALS“. Three sounds for electronic

Three collages from electronic and various remixes and instrumental recordings.
Project: "Bruckner's quasi-crystal images projected, musically danced and read", - inspired by the Swiss political and performance artist Beat Toniolo (*1962), who works very creatively as cultural mediator, art networker and initiator. - For this project, Enjott Schneider chose three exciting pictures of the Swiss artist Kurt Bruckner, which are shown below. These pictures are also animated and varied in video installations.

Dedication: To Beat Toniolo and his untiring straightforward and provoking refreshing way of adopting art

Additional remarks: I have been dealing with computer-structured and mathematically calculated images since the end of the 80's, when I wrote the book TIME-RHYTHM-FIGURE for the Piper publishing house Munich. For this purpose, Peter Neubäcker, a friend and the director of the HARMONY work group at the Freies Musikzentrum in Munich, created a series of fascinating "figure images".

World premiere:  07.10.2017, Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig

Performers at world premiere: played electronic