Category:  Organ / Sacred Music

Duration: 6 minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Strube-Verlag Munich , 2014

Instrumentation: Organ, if possible with 3 manuals

Solo instruments: Orgel

JUBILISSIMO is jubilant, energetic music, full of lust for life, ebullient creativity, vital rhythmicity and formal, far-reaching uncontrollableness. It is expected that the players are willing to take risks and ready to reach their own limits. Melismatic jubilant songs, that are known from the ancient orient and were then adopted (e.g. as 'Alleluja') in the early years of Christian liturgy, are the inspirational model. Saint Augustinus defines the „Jubilus“ as 'sonus quidam significans cor partuire quod dicere non potest': as a joyful expression of the heart that cannot be expressed with mere words.

Dedication: cordially dedicated to Willibald Guggenmos, cathedral organist at St. Gallen Cathedral (Switzerland)

Additional remarks: Commissioned work for the Theatre and Philharmonic Orchestra, Essen on the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of the Philharmonic Orchestra

World premiere:  27.09.2014, Philharmonics Essen

Performers at world premiere: Willibald Guggenmos plays the Kuhn organ

Records:  2016