Category:  Symphonic / Orchestral

Duration: 19 minutes

Instrumentation: 2 trumpets, 2 oboes, harpsichord, organ and string orchestra

Solo instruments: Trompete (B)

Additional remarks: The piece is an expansion of the VIVALDISSIMO trumpet concert including 2 oboes, an introduction, an organ cadence and an organ substituting the orchestra.

World premiere:  11.10.2009, San Ignazio Rom

Performers at world premiere: Sunday 22nd of November 2009, 12 noon
Basilika Sant Ignazio di Loyola in Campo Marzio
Concerto for Organ and orchestra and the inauguration of the Tamburini organ.
JUBILATE DEO - Concerto d'Angeli for 2 trumpets, organ and orchestra with Laura Vukobratovic and Lukasz Gothszalk (trumpets), Ramón Ortega (Oboe), members of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Johannes Skudlik, (organ and conducting).
(The concert was recorded by the Bavarian Radio)