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John Rabe is regarded in China - even today - as the prototype of the good German. During the massacre of Nanjing b1937, when the Japanese troops caused a terrible bloodbath, carnage and rape over the city, John Rabe - a second impostor - helped to save some people from certain death and built a protection zone. Annika Goetz, Florian Hartung and Annette Baumeister (Februar Film GmbH Berlin) vividly tell the story of John Rabe, who was a convinced National Socialist, but who behaved in a humorous and exemplary manner.

Movie:  John Rabe - The good German of Nanking,  2008

Movie directed by: Florian Hartung Annette Baumeister Annika Goetz

Movie produced by: PRO GmbH TV-Produktion Berlin for ZDF

Distributor of movie: ZDF, overall direction Guido Knopp

Performers in movie: 35 minute soundtrack with Sandro Friedrich (chinese wind instruments) and Jakob Schmidt (cello), electronics and sampling, Enjott Schneider

First broadcast on ZDF:
Sunday the 29th of March 2009 at 23:10