Category:  Choir / Vocal , Organ / Sacred Music

Movements: 1: Tempus breve, 2: Der Mensch kennt nicht, 3: Die Zeit ist nahe, 4: Die sich geliebt im Leben, 5: Welt - Entstehen, 6: Seid wachsam, 7: Das Sichtbare währet auf Zeit, 11: Das All, 12: Gestern er / heute du

Duration: 20 min.

Instrumentation: Choir, organ, percussion instruments, ad libitum: synthesizer, playback

Text/Lyrics by: various mottos

Dedication: Dedicated to Kunibert Schäfer

Additional remarks: The work is written emphatically for amateur ensemble and is also performable in the as percussion version for laymen.
In twelve short settings of inscriptions on a gravestone the technologies of minimalist, periodical music are shown. Study about possible time relations in the musical texture structure.

World premiere:  05.07.1988, Kirche

Performers at world premiere: 'Holy Family' church choir, direction: Kunibert Schäfer