Category:  Film Music

Three schoolgirls, also capable of murder, simulate innocence and mlobben with a feigned rape even their teacher. Stefan Schneider (director) staged the psychologically multi-layered and complex story against a mythological and fairy-tale background, - when at the end the "evil father" is killed with a spear like a dragon. Action and eroticism and suspense are in balance.

Duration: 95:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Music publisher: i2i Cologne , 1999

Additional remarks: Erotic-thriller

Movie:  1999

Movie directed by: Stefan Schneider

Movie produced by: Traumwerk Filmproduktion

Distributor of movie: RTL

Performers in movie: with a studio orchestra (conducted by: N.J. Schneider), recorded in the Bavaria Music Studios, sound master Klaus Strazicky, edited by N.J. Schneider in Greenhouse Studio Munich