Category:  Chamber Music , Organ / Sacred Music

Movements: INFANT SORROW. Four poems by William Blake (1757-1827)

(Songs of Experience)
(Songs of Innocence)
(Songs of Experience)
(Songs of Experience)

Duration: 18 Minuten

Instrumentation: Tenor (Soprano), piano, amplified guitar, tenor saxophone and percussion
(Marimba, bassdrum, Crotales, TamTam, Triangle)

Solo instruments: Klavier, Percussion, Saxophon

Text/Lyrics by: William Blake

Introduction: Both 'Chimneysweepers' refer to child labour in England, where children were made to clean chimneys in order to earn a pittance.

'Infant Sorrow' is like a preview of Freudian psychoanalysis when the father figure of the superego is eliminated.
'Holy Thursday' refers to the first Thursday in May when children were taken from homes and institutions to a precession to a service in St. Paul's church.

The tenor voice represents the innocent soul of a child who sees and believes in good. The instrmental, in contrast, represents the actual undertone of history with aggression and silence.

Dedication: Dedicated to Yvonne Troxler (& her GlassFarmEnsemble) and Tino Bruetsch (Tenor)

World premiere:  10.03.2008

Performers at world premiere: Tino Bruetsch (Tenor) and the GlassFarmEnsemble
Yvonne Troxler (pno), Taimur Sullivan (Sax), Oren Fader (guit)
Matthew Gold (Perc.)