Category:  Film Music

A wonderfully romantic comedy from the year 2002, which still captivates and above all delights with its excellent acting: Muriel Baumeister, Dominique Horwitz and Markus Knüfken perform the ménaga à trois with wit and subtleties. The bourgeois fireman milieu provides the framework with a smile and a real lightness of being is created! - Music composed with Marco Hertenstein. Director: Dominikus Probst.

Duration: Filmmusik: 40:00

Additional remarks: Feature film with Muriel Baumeister in the leading role

Movie:  2002

Movie directed by: Dominikus Probst

Movie produced by: Bavaria-Film GmbH

Distributor of movie: ARD

Performers in movie: Pepe Solera (clarinet), Martin Scales (guitar), ensemble and elektronics, recorded in Greenhouse Recording Studio by Enjott Schneider and Marco Hertenstein