Category:  Choir / Vocal , Organ / Sacred Music

Duration: 3:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music publisher , ED 8950-01/-02 , 1999

Instrumentation: 1: Choir a cappella, or 2: singing vioce with piano, or
3: choir with rock band (half playback)

Text/Lyrics by: Hanns-Dieter Hüsch

Additional remarks: A studio playback production exists as a CD (half playback, full playback with the childrens choir of the Munich Cathedral, electronics, playback sampling, direction by Enjott Schneider)

World premiere:  05.01.1998, German 93rd Catholic Day Mainz

Performers at world premiere: Frankfurt University Chamber Choir (version for choir a cappella)

Records:  IFO CD005001, Titel:,  1998

Performers on recording: Frankfurt University Chamber Choir