Category:  Film Music

Movements: 5-part ZDF documentary
1) Albert Speer - The architect (first broadcast: 16.11.2004)
2) Wernhervon Braun - The missile man (film by Oliver Halmburger/Stefan Brauburger/Stefan Mausbach, Loopfilm GmbH) (first broadcast: 23.11.2004)
3) Gustav and Alfried Krupp. The weapon smiths by Sebastian Dehnhardt and Manfred Oldenburg, broadview-tv Cologne (first broadcast: 30.11.2004)
4) Alfred Jodl - The military
5) Ferdinand Porsche - The technician (first broadcast: 14.12.2004 22:15)

Movie:  Hitler's Manager,  2004

Movie directed by: Guido Knopp/General direction of each of the 5 45 minute episodes

Movie produced by: diverse/ZDF

Distributor of movie: ZDF