Category:  Film Music

Documentary series by the ZDF contemporary history department (Guido Knopp) about the history of the German Democratic Republic (DDR) 1049-1989 in 4 parts: Walter Ulbricht, Erich Honecker, Mielke and freedom, Kati Witt

Instrumentation: Diverse cast, large orchestra, camera crew and rock band, recorded May-June 2005

Movie:  Good bye DDR,  2005

Movie directed by: Guido Knopp and various directors

Movie produced by: ZDF

Distributor of movie: ZDF

Performers in movie: First broadcast:
1) 'Walter Ulbricht und der Anfang' by Peter Hartl and Henry Köhler on the 30.8.2005
2) 'Mielke und die Freiheit' bySteffen Beyer and Jürgen Ast on the 6.9.2005
3) 'Kati und der schöne Schein' byRicarda Schlosshan, Heike Schnaar, Henry Köhler on the 13.9.2005