Category:  Film Music

A historicizing and very emotional film adaptation of a family and love saga from Frauenau in Lower Bavaria around 1899, in which the art of glassblowing and manufacturing with the material glass serves a very symbolistic purpose. Cast with excellent actors, the film repeatedly escapes the danger of kitsch and becomes an interesting work that combines the realism of the times with a great deal of emotion. Since education and piano playing already dominate in the course of the film, a certain closeness to Mozart (many "quasi-quotes") and the participation of the pianist Ferran Cruixent in the film music recording was obvious.

Movie:  Glashimmel,  2003

Movie directed by: Marijan Vaijda

Movie produced by: Sonne, Mond und Sterne GmbH

Distributor of movie: BR / ARD

Performers in movie: Ferrab Cruixent, piano Munich philharmonic film orchestra, conducted by Enjott Schneider