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Since its first broadcast in 2006, HR Hessischer Rundfunk has produced an extremely successful series of stories from the two zoos in Hesse, Frankfurt Zoo and Kronberg Opel Zoo. Countless animals, their vets and keepers are accompanied in their daily work in an informative and authentic way. The viewers gain an insight into the everyday life of the zoo and the professional world of all zoo employees. - From 2006-2018, ARD and all third channels broadcast 8 seasons with about 40 episodes each, - with an average of 2 million viewers each - a success story! - Olaf Pessler was the narrator from the beginning and the music was provided by the team Enjott Schneider & Marco Hertenstein. The music was composed especially for these zoo shows and dramaturgically tailored to the animals and living situations there.

Movements: 40 episodes, each 50 minutes
produced May-October 2007

Movie:  Giraffes, Meerkats & Co,  1999

Movie directed by: diverse

Movie produced by: Hessischer Rundfunk

Distributor of movie: HR