Category:  Symphonic / Orchestral

Duration: 14 minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music:  , 2011

2 flutes
2 oboes
2 clarinets(B)
bass clarinet(B)
2 bassoons
bass bassoon
4 horns(F)
3 trumpets (B)
3 trombones (T-T-B)
organ (ad libitum as sound enhancer in low frequencies)
Kettledrum (3 with one player)
Percussion 1: 3 hanging cymbals, Tamtam, Claves, 3 Tomtoms, woodblock
Percussion 2: bass drum, medium hanging cymbal, Triangle, tubular bells, Crotales, Tamtam used by percussionist
Large string orchestra (16-14-12-10-8)

Program note:
A FIRM CASTLE refers to the pugnacious song of Martin Luther (about 1529 written) which embodies the Protestant thought and self-will of the Lutheran Reformation with his luminous C major key like no other song. Heinrich Heine called it „Marseiller hymn of the Reformation“, Friedrich Engel as a „Marseillaise of the Peasants' Wars“.
The symphonic poem lets the symbolic-strong melody from dark and magic textures grow out, it is interweaved with countersubjects evoked increasingly - in the middle of stormy fabric of the orchestra – somewhat of the fight mind who was connected with this song. Then, nevertheless, at full an averting of fight, to religious wars and religious dogmatism takes place, - and a pastoral-peaceful epilogue with innocently twittering bird's voices and murmurous nature formulates the clear statement: The God's creation which we kick increasingly with feet destroy, get dirty and lay waste is the true place of a deep faith and the appearance of God. A creation which is common to all religions and belongs to all equally, - whether Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim

Dedication: Dedicated to Arno Hartmann

World premiere:  31.10.2010, Philharmonie Essen

Performers at world premiere: 6:00 PM in concert „Von der Freiheit der Musik“ with the Bochum Symphonic Orchestra, direction: Arno Hartmann