Category:  Choir / Vocal , Organ / Sacred Music

Duration: 07:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Strube publisher , Strube Edition 6541 , 2009

Instrumentation: Choir (at least 16 mixed voices), oboe, vibraphone, synthesizer (or harpsichord) and organ

Text/Lyrics by: Latin liturgy Tet 9

Dedication: Dedicated to Anna Wimschneider

World premiere:  07.06.1990, St. Ursula Munich (concert series)

Performers at world premiere: 'Heiligen Familie' choir Munich, direction: Kunibert Schäfer

Press reviews for world premiere: NMZ (June 89): '...used very impressive avant-garde choral technologies and synthesizers in his work for the first time work 'Da Pacem' (Franzpeter Messner)
Première in Croatia (Zagreb) on the 9/22/1996: Mittelbayerische Zeitung (28.9.1996): 'It Was performed in Zagreb by the united choirs of Schierlings and Regensburg with 75 members and released first dismay, then, however, frenzied applause. Many concert-goers confirmed that they shouted during the time of the war often according to around the peace - as well as which is also expressed in the composition'

Records:  2008