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A piano concerto EVOLUTION (published by Schott Music as a concert work), which was composed for a film in the spherical auditorium by Siemens at the 1992 World Exposition in Seville.
The opulent produced film is embedded here on this website under "Videos" or directly on youtube under "Concierto Evolucion - Evolution of Networks"... so you can watch it.
According to the film dramaturgy the piano concerto has three movements:
Movement 1 (Allegro) is the "Thesis", a music that is at rest within itself and represents the intact nature of the earth (somewhere between Beethoven and Rachmaninoff). Movement 2 (Adagio and Scherzo) is the "antithesis" and describes the destruction of the earth by mankind in an emotional and furious way, using the means of advanced New Music. Movement 3 is then the "synthesis" as a reconciliation of opposites: after the chaos of the scherzo, the piano plays the basic melody of the first movement again, which swells up greatly (Tchaikovsky sends his greetings!) and then even integrates rock music and the saxophone into the harmonic finale in an explosive style.

Additional remarks: Produced for the Siemens-Pavillon at the World Expo in Sevilla 1992 (Cyklorama cinema). Moscow International Short-Film Festival VGIK 1992, grand prize at the Industry Film Festival in Biarritz (France), 1st prize at the International Industry Film and Video Congress in Rotterdam, 1st prize at the German Economic Film Prize 1992, Silver medal at the New York Festival Non Broadcast Media 1992'
Music also released as 'Evolution' piano concerto (see concert music)

Movie:  1991

Movie directed by: Richard Caesar

Movie produced by: Lunafilm and HFF Munich

Performers in movie: Recorded with Angela Gassenhuber (piano) and members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (direction: Enjott Schneider) in the Arco Studios Munich, sound master Malcolm Luker