Category:  Organ / Sacred Music

Movements: I: Con Moto
II: Lento e affetuoso
III: Andante meditativo

Duration: 8 minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Strube-Verlag Munich , VS 3435

Instrumentation: Three organs (manualiter).
Ideally, two-manual organs each, one of them a little larger. Especially organ I can also play sounds ad libitum in the pedal with 16’ colla parte. All register specifications are merely recommendations: registers and manuals (if necessary with two hands and solo parts) are to be chosen by the players themselves. In case of sufficient balance, the sound of the organs can also be sonorous and symphonic for all three organs.

Dedication: dedicated to the friend and patron of church music, Gerhard Schorr, in remembrance of the 28th of September, 2014

World premiere:  18.09.2014, St. Sebald Nuremberg

Performers at world premiere: Bernhard Buttmann, Susanne Hartwich-Düfel,
Martin Schiffel