Category:  Chamber Music

Duration: 7-8 minutes

Instrumentation: The composition is intended for a Pantalon (pitch range double-F to d4); the lowest F-string is to be retuned to double-E as a scordatura. However, the piece has been composed in a way, that it can also be played simultaneously on two instruments double bass dulcimer and discant dulcimer. Ad libitum a mystic atmospheric sound recording can be played at the beginning of the composition. Available via

Introduction: The sheet music can be adapted and extended at any time with unusual tone colours (finish, electrical amplification with effects), replacement of sticks even with unusual items (such as needles, plectrum or wooden pin). The introduction T. 1-19, as well as the analogue epilogue T. 88-114 need to be compatible in sound. Especially here, the discant position should stand out as a two-dimensional floating sound memory (e.g. a silvery Finish kantele can be used instead of the discant dulcimer.) The basic tempo of the Ciaconna is a quarter strike in the main part T. 20-87 of approx. 55-65 MM, that is to be modified ritardando/accelerando in accordance with the instructions. The attenuation and consideration of the original sound of the instrument is more important than the mechanical counting. The core within the floating A minor is the center part „Monody“ in E flat minor: a different world is to be created here with a lot of agogic and pausing in a rhapsodic-story telling fashion.

Dedication:  Warmly dedicated to Birgit Stolzenburg de Biasio

World premiere:  25.03.2012, The Byzantine Court Church of All Saints , Munich Residenz

Performers at world premiere: In the concert „Musica per Salterio“ with Birgit Stolzenburg de Biasio