Category:  Organ / Sacred Music , Recordings

The composition PAVANE for alto saxophone and organ was recorded by Fabien Chouraki (sax) and Olivier Dekeister (organ) on the CD SAXORGUE in Paris. This CD presents composers who are all very fond of the organ and who have created a veritable synthesis of sound from the two instruments in dialogue... I am pleased to be published with such esteemed colleagues as Thierry ESCAICH, Naji HAKIM, Eric LEBRUN or Olivier MESSIAEN. "PAVANE" comes from the Latin "Piva", - the peacock! So was a peacock dance.... A proud dance where colourful feathered aristocrats could celebrate their power and nobility.

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music , ED 21260 , 2011

Instrumentation: Alto Saxophon and Organ

Records:  Visages du saxophon/ VDS 018,  2022

Performers on recording: Fabien Choraki (Saxophone) and Olivier Dekeister at the Louis Debierre-Organ in Paris.