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LILALU, the singing princess from Melodanien, got in the 20 years since 1st premiere a wellknow character of the AUGSBURGER PUPPENKISTE. The double CD includes music from the 13 episodes of 'LILALU' that was composed by me and Andreas Weidinger. Concept and idea: Fred Steinbach. CD 1 contains new interpretations of the songs, e.g. 'LILALU' as a new production by YoYo Inc. with Johanna Jellici. CD 2 contains 4 original songs from LILALU : LILALU TITELMUSIK (THEME SONG) - MELODANIEN (MELODANIA) - MELODANIEN VERBLÜHT (MELODANIA IS FADING)- WILLKOMMEN ZU HAUSE (WELCOME HOME)

Records:  KIKO Productions, distributed by Lübbe Audio LC 29800,  2013