Category:  Symphonic / Orchestral , Recordings

The score for HERBSTMILCH was the first cooperation with famous german director Joseph Vilsmaier. A peotic movie...and a soft and lyrical filmscore. Other scores for Joseph Vilsmaier werde following like as STALINGRAD or SCHLAFES BRUDER....but this first movie of the director was charming with an unforgettable weightless and poetic innocence.

Publisher of notes/sheet music: BSM-publisher , 1988

Additional remarks: Original soundtrack and audio piece. Soundtrack for the 'Autumn Milk' film (direction: Joseph Vilsmaier). With an audio piece 'ANNA UND ALBERT WIMSCHNEIDER'S TALES...'

Records:  CD/LP bei MILAN (Switzerland) SPI Milan disques CH 047 Suisa,  1989

Performers on recording: a studio orchestra. Direction: N.J. Schneider, with Manfred Hufnagel (solo violin), Markus Wagner (solo cello), Stefan Beukelmann (dulcimer), Bernhard Heinrichs (oboe). Recorded on 27+30/9/1989 in BSM - studio, sound master Jochen Scheffter.