Category:  Film Music

Duration: 103:00, soundtrack 50 minutes

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Bavaria Sonor-Music publisher, main themes in: , 1989

Introduction: DVD released by Arthaus 500888

Additional remarks: after the novel by Anna Wimschneider, with Dana Vavrova, Werner Stocker, Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Eva Mattes; Bavarian Film Prize 1989, Bundesfilmband silver 1989, Tokyo Film Festival, Film Festival (Italy), Hong Kong International Film Festival

Records:  Milan Records Switzerland (out of stock at the moment),  1989

Movie:  1988

Movie directed by: Joseph Vilsmaier

Movie produced by: Perathon-Film and ZDF

Performers in movie: Studio orchestra, with various soloists (direction: N.J. Schneider) recorded in the BSM Studios Geiselgasteig (sound master Jochen Scheffter)