Category:  Organ / Sacred Music

Duration: 3:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music International , ED 9938 , 1999

Instrumentation: Organ, timpani (played by the organist, ad libitum)

Solo instruments: Orgel

Additional remarks: This work is the exact retrograde inversion of J.S.Bach's famous 'Toccata in D minor', to which the organist symbolically plays 14 drum beats.

World premiere:  03.07.1982, Pauluskirche, Freiburg in Breisgau with Enjott Schneider

Performers at world premiere: Enjott Schneider

Press reviews for world premiere: An unusual "pre-premiere" performance took place at the 1981 carnival concert at the Munich Academy of Music in the large concert hall: Friedemann Winklhofer and Enjott Schneider played Bach's Toccata in D minor backwards in a slapstick-show while wearing pajamas - it was the birth of ATACCOT!

Records:  Ambiente Audio Sacred Music Series Volume 4,  2008

Performers on recording: Jürgen Geiger plays on the Bruckner Organ in the St. Florian monastery church - above the sarcophagus of Anton Bruckner