Category:  Film Music

Vicar Anna is worried: goth outfit and occult seizes her students. Behind all this is a Satanic sect with rather rude methods. Anna investigates and gets into a love affair with one of her teachers (Thomas Kretschmann) - and it is precisely this teacher who is the leader of the Satanic sect. Everything culminates in the suicide of the cult leader - who sets himself on fire in front of everyone to prove his immortality!

Duration: 115:00, Filmmusik: 44:00

Additional remarks: Psycho - film about sects, with Pia Podgornik, Thomas Kretschmann, Michael König among others

Movie:  1995

Movie directed by: Dagmar Damek

Movie produced by: Parabel-Film Cologne

Distributor of movie: SAT1

Performers in movie: 'Augenklang' recording studio