Category:  Film Music

This entertaining animated film 13 minutes is about the office worker Albert, whose routine everyday life is characterized by a bad boss and routine. The only ray of hope is a neat secretary at the counter opposite, with whom he (unchallenged) falls in love. He has the wildest dreams of being Superman, Tarzan or a space pilot who saves his beloved again and again. The film was awarded the rating "Besonders wertvoll" and was shown in the cinema in 1987 as a supporting film for the animation blockbuster "In a land before our time".

Duration: 13:00, soundtrack 13:00

Additional remarks: Animated film. Supporting film for Spielberg's 'The Land Before Time'

Movie:  1987

Movie directed by: Michael Hiebel)

Movie produced by: Centralfilm/Bavaria-Film/HFF/BR

Performers in movie: Instrumental ensemble, recorded on Studio '58' / Martin Grassl