Category:  Opera / Music Theatre

Movements: 1st SCENE: THE ARRIVAL No. 1: Prelude: 1st attempt at C-sharp No. 2: Albert come home No. 3: The fight No. 4: The mother No. 5: Albert goes away

2nd SCENE: IN THE VILLAGE No. 6: Interlude: 2nd attempt at c-sharp No. 7: Home again No. 8: The village people No. 9: The pigeon

3rd SCENE: WITH ANNA No. 10: Interlude: 3rd attempt at C-sharp No. 11: Wedding hands No. 12: Duet No. 13: Lonely

4th SCENE: ALBERT AND THE ANIMALS No. 14: Interlude: 4th attempt at C-sharp No. 15: Hare and frog No. 16: The requiem

5th SCENE: IN THE INN No. 17: Interlude: 5th attempt at C-sharp No. 18: Drinking-song scene No. 19: Cool fashion No. 20: The confusion

6th SCENE: LOVE DISAPPOINTMENT No. 21: Interlude: 6th attempt at C-sharp No. 22: Melodrama No. 23: Forgive me...

7th SCENE: IN THE CHURCHYARD No. 24: Interlude: 7th attempt at C-sharp No. 25: The old woman No. 26: But love... No. 27: Epilogue

Duration: 90:00

Instrumentation: PEOPLE: Albert: 1) an actor with speaking voice, 2) a youthful tenor (lyrical), 3) a boy soprano as the three visions of Albert, Father: bass baritone, Hans: baritone, Anna: soprano, The Man: baritone, The Woman: mezzo soprano
CAST: Flute (also piccolo) - clarinet (also bass clarinet) - harp - accordeon - percussion - (a player: vibraphone, snare and bass drums, standing drum, varios cimbals, tam tam, temple blocks) - violin 1 - violin 2 - cello - double bass

Text/Lyrics by: Josef Röd (after his film by the same name)

Introduction: The opera is a unique piece of musical history: a film becomes an opera. The libretto is by film maker Joseph Rödl, who reworked his opera-friendly film (distinguished in 1977 by the Federal Film Award) and who directed the first performance at the Regensburg Theatre (conductor: Rudolf Piehllmayer). It os a chamber opera, but can also be played with a large string orchestra in a large opera theatre. The story - based on real facts - is about the village idiot Albert who, offended by mockery and out of longing for his deceased mother, chooses to commit suicide.

World premiere:  01.08.2000, Regensburg Theatre

Press reviews for world premiere: Süddeutsche Zeitung 22.1.1999: ...An attempt at C-sharp opens Enjott Schneider's opera 'Albert - Why?'. And the sounds circling round a tone provide claustrophobic narrowness. Schneider has selected a strong history for his opera' .

Records:  1999

Performers on recording: DIRECTION: Rudolf Phielmayer, STAGING: JosefRödl, decor: Klaus Caspers, stage and singers: Christiana Knaus-Waldmann, Heidi Maegerlein, Thomas Mayer, Thomas Meinhard, Harald Mück, Stefan Sevenich, Michael Waldenmaier, members of the Regensburg philharmonic orchestra