Category:  Organ / Sacred Music

Movements: 1: The Rose Maria, 2: The Rose Innocence, 3: The Rose Love, 4: The Rose Lust, 5: The Rose Transience

Duration: 9:30 (2:30, 2:00, 1:10, 1:20, 2:30)

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Musik International , ED 9920 , 1999

Instrumentation: Organ

Solo instruments: Orgel

Introduction: In my Requiem "The Name of the Rose" for countertenor (or alto) and organ these interludes mark out the five sections of the composition, which consist of a hymn to the Virgin (the Rose), a text focusing of mediaevel cruelty (the Thorn) and a Latin Requiem mass. The atmosphere of these interludes contains something of the mysterious symbolism associated with the rose, whose dual nature embodies love, innocence, piety and oerfect beauty - as well as pain, desire and those thorns. Some of the interludes are fine and delicate, while others are brusque and harsh, yet essentially they belong together: "A Rose is a Rose...' - and some secrets remain unfathomable.

World premiere:  10.06.2003, Spitalkirche Ingoldstadt (Ingolstadt organ days 2002)

Performers at world premiere: Johannes Skudlik

Press reviews for world premiere: Interview with 'Musica Sacra', issue 6/2006: Pleasantly the conceivable, logical kind of the composition with Schneider's composition is pleasant and logical. His inspirations are useful, developable and persuasive. He remains bound to the tonality in a refreshing way without being hackneyed