13.11.2022 with Christoph Enzel (Saxophone) and the  Heilbronner Sinfonie Orchester, Conductor: Alois Seidlmeier: Worldpremiere of SIDDHARTA. Concerto for Saxophone & orchestra

1: Auf der Suche / 2. Kamala, die Kurtisane / 3: “Kindermenschen” / 4: Beim Fährmann, - Abschiede, Loslassen der Welt / 5: Die Weisheit des Flusses

Exactly one hundred years ago in October 1921, the first edition of SIDDHARTA by Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) was published, which became his most popular novel worldwide, translated into 50 languages and acclaimed many millions of times. The Asian way to a peaceful world without hate, envy, fear or greed.