Rama Dama. Film by Joseph Vilsmaier (1990)

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Bavaria Sonor-Music publisher, Title music (Kati-theme) in:, 1999

Introduction: DVD released by Arthaus 500779
Additional remarks: with Dana Vavrova, Werner Stocker, Ivana Chylkova among others. Two prizes at the Bavarian Film Prizes in 1991 for best soundtrack and best production

Records: Ariola Aris marketed by BMG, 1990

Movie: 1990
Movie directed by: Joseph Vilsmaier
Movie produced by: Perathon-Film
Distributor of movie: Senator Film
Performers in movie: with members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (direction: N.J. Schneider) and the Billy Gorlt jazz band, Mal Canedy (vocals), Enjott Schneider (piano), in Meilhaus recording studio, (sound master: Robert Meilhaus)



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