Brother of Sleep. Film by Joseph Vilsmaier (1995)

Duration: 38:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Music published by Blanko Music publisher/Wintrup-Music publisher, Organ toccata printed as concert-piece by Schott publishers Mainz, 1999

Introduction: DVD 2004 released by Arthaus 500780
DVD 2000 released by Mawa Film & Medien 72188
Additional remarks: Soundtrack composed with Hubert von Goisern, after the novel by Robert Schneider, with Dana Vavrova, Andrè Eisermann, Ben Becker among others; Nominated for an Oscar (best foreign film); nominated for a Golden Globe; Federal Film Association silver 1996

World premiere: 10.12.1994

Records: Ariola Austria CD 74321 LC 0116, 1995
Performers on recording: Hubert von Goisern (flutes, drums, voice), Sabine Kapfinger (voice), Harald Feller (organ of the Erding parish church and Salzburg Cathedral) Enjott Schneider (keyboard and electronics), Munich concert choir, direction: Enjott Schneider, members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Enjott Schneider. The organ toccata was played by Harald Feller on the CD 'Klänge des Lichts' and by Felix Hell on the CD 'Orgelgiganten' (see CDs)

Movie: 1999
Movie directed by: Joseph Vilsmaier
Movie produced by: Perathon-, B.A.-, Kuchenreuther-, Iduna Filmproduktion, Dor-Film Vienna
Distributor of movie: Senator Film
Performers in movie: Composed with Hubert von Goisern, recorded with Harald Feller (organ), many soloistsn choir and orchestra (members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by N.J. Schneider) in Zauberwald Goisern, in the Arco Studios Munich, in cap-à-pié studio Regensburg, sound master Klaus Strazicky and Wolfgang Spannberger



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