Category:  Chamber Music

Duration: 8:00

Instrumentation: 1st version: 2 flutes, string quartet;
2nd version: 2 flutes, piano

Solo instruments: Flute

Introduction: THE LONGING OF MY GEO-TRIANGLE. A REPORT For two flutes and piano was composed in 1984 in this original occupation, later then than version for 2 flutes and string quartet. On the other hand, the work picks out as a central theme the tension between emotion / expressiveness on the one hand and calculation / construction which is put out modern music. Ringing lashes, sober heat of crabs and Wagner's citation concealed in the piano bass" Sink hernieder, night of the love" belong to the irritating aperiodicity of this work.s.

Dedication: Dedicated to my Aristo Nr. 1550 (Made in Germany) gewidmet,

Additional remarks: After an aggressive introduction ('like scourge slashes') the 'center' 'pianissimo geometrico' (quality of a clockwork) is in almost selective stylistics and cited in the cello of Wagner's 'Sink hernieder, night of the love'. The centre is built strictly reflecting-symmetrically as crab-in heat.