Category:  Film Music

Duration: 4 x 90:00, soundtrack 155:00

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Manuscript at Schott-International , 1999

Introduction: Released as double-DVD in the ARTE edition
ISBN 3-89848-759-8

Additional remarks: Four part film (4x90 min.). After the novel ofthe same name by Uwe Johnson. With Suzanne von Borsody, Marie Helen Dehorn, Matthias Habich, Axel Milberg, Hanns Zischler among others.
The musik the 'Fipa d'or' for Best European Soundtrack in the category 'Sparte 'séries et feuilletons' in Biarritz in 2001

Records:  Alcra ALC 5401 2 (Wergo-Label of Schott Publisher),  2000

Performers on recording: see CDs

Movie:  1999

Movie directed by: Margarethe von Trotta

Movie produced by: Eikonfilm West

Distributor of movie: WDR/ARD

Performers in movie: Effi Rabsilber (song/title music), Gabriele Steck (vocals-soprano), Thomas Ruge (solo cello), Lorenz Nasturica (violin), Pepe Solera (flute, clarinet) and the Munich Philharmonic Film Orchestra, direction and piano: Enjott Schneider, recorded in the Arcos Studios Munich )sound master: Klaus Strazicky) and Bavaria recording studios (sound master: Jan Piepenstock)