Schubert - Thoughts (Song cycle after songs by Franz Schubert for baritone and piano quintet) (1996)

Movements: 1: Dithyrambe; 2: Group from Tartarus; 3: Yearning

Instrumentation: Baritone, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano (Forellen quintet cast)

Text/Lyrics by: Friedrich Schiller

Introduction: Song cycle inspired by songs by Franz Schubert for baritone and pinao quartet (Trout Quintet instrumentation), 1996; score throug the author. Three Schiller poems "Sithyrambe", "Gruppe aus der Tartarus" and "Sehnsucht" are thought through by using Schubertian textured, where, in each song, a special kind of material change takes place. Premiere in the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden with Johann Werner Prein (baritone), Erika LeRoux (piano) and members of the Hessisches Staatsorchester.
Dedication: Dedicated in gratitude to Dr.Gunter Selling
Additional remarks: The work was commissioned for the May-Festival of the Wiesbaden State Theatre

World premiere: 05.04.1997, Wiesbaden, state theatre (Mai-Festspiele 1996)
Performers at world premiere: Johann Werner Prein (baritone), Erika LeRoux (piano) and soloists of the Hessischern State Orchestra



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