Polemik (for eleven intruments and rock band) (1992)

Duration: 36:00 (Movements: 18:00, 18:00)

Movements: Part One:'Initiation' -'Whispering' -'Trembling' -'Ritual I'; Part Two:'Quasi Unisono' -'Floating & gliding' -'Ritual II'

Instrumentation: Chamber orchestra: fl/ob/cl./bs/hr./vl.1+2,vla.,c.,db,percuss.; rock band ( 2 guitars, sax/keyb., drums)

Additional remarks: 'E'-music (Wind quintet and string quintet) and 'U'-music rock band sample possibilities of 'together and against'. Satire on stupidity, 'E' and 'U'

World premiere: 06.03.1992, 27.06.1992:Werneck Castle (Werneck Castle Concert 92); 28.06.1992: Würzburg, Music College
Performers at world premiere: Werneck Castle Chamber Orchestra and the Easy Money Band Nürnberg; direction: Enjott Schneider


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