Exclamatio for trumpet and organ (1999)

Duration: 7

Instrumentation: Trumpet (B) and organ

Solo instruments: Organ, Trumpet

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music publisher, ED 9325, 1999

Introduction: 'Exclamatio for trumpet and organ' explores the 'scream' in a multi-faceted way: the scream is fanfare-like at the beginning, screams for attention, becomes a shout of rage, then a longing scream, an outcry for love, escalating in a cry of combat. In the concluding Adagio part, the established aggressive-sounding motifs are internalised and become a quiet lament or plea. With a relapse into silence, the scream is most effective - the most intensive exclamatio.

Dedication: Dedicated to Hannes Läubin

Records: Valve Hearts Cologne, CD 'Dialog' LC02096, 1999
Performers on recording: Hannes Läubin (trp.), Friedemann Winklhofer (organ)



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