As times go bye... Suite in memory of J.S. Bach for saxophone trio (2003)

Duration: 13:00 (2:00, 3:20, 3:00, 3:00)

Movements: 1: Preludio 2: Courante 3: Sarabande, 4: Gigue

Instrumentation: 3 saxophones (A / T / B)

Solo instruments: Saxophone

Publisher of notes/sheet music: Schott Music publishers, Ed 9532, 1999

Dedication: the members of the 'Tetraphonics' ensemble: Elmar Frey, Volker Ax, Richmond Mays

World premiere: 11.04.2001, St. Remigus in Düsseldorf - Wittlaer
Performers at world premiere: Saxophone ensemble Tetraphonics (Cologne): Elmar Frey, Volker Ax, Richmond Mays
Press reviews for world premiere: 'Das Orchester' (Juni 2003): Enjott Schneider's excellent composition for saxophone trio is suited to the musician who wants to extend his repertoire with a piece which challenges his skill. Beside the joy of Bach's music, they should take pleasure in the modern sounds and playing manners. So the composition possesses technically and rhythmically demanding passages and is suitable only for instrumentalists with experience in the trio to play (Uli Falk).

Records: 1999



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