Armageddon - The Impact (2007)

Movements: Two parts, each 50 minutes Broadcast dates: ZDF on 25.9.2007 and 2.10.2007 American title (120Min.Version): Super Comet! Science Channel USA 1.7.2007 Discovery Channel USA 7.7.2007

Instrumentation: Producer: Uwe Kersken / Book and direction: Stefan Schneider/ Camera: Martin Christ, Michael Kern / Editing: Josef van Oyen / Sound design: Karl Atteln

Additional remarks: Soundtrack released by Enterprises Sonor Musikverlag Munich Conducted by ZDF head of culture and science Peter Arens producer: Uwe Kersken

Movie: Armageddon - The longest night, 2007
Movie directed by: Stefan Schneider
Movie produced by: Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion GmbH Cologne
Distributor of movie: ZDF / ARTE / Discovery Channel USA /Science Channel USA /ZDF Enterprises
Performers in movie: Soundtrack recorded on the 1st of april in Farao Studios Munich with Gabriele Steck (soprano) and the Munich philharmonic film orchestra, conducted by Enjott Schneider. Sound master: Klaus Strazicky Sound engineer: Armin Dörfler 2.5-4.5 final mix: Klaus Strazicky and Enjott Schneider Additional electronics7sampling/keybords: Enjott Schneider



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