Category:  Film Music , Choir / Vocal , Organ / Sacred Music

Movements: Sensationell, sensitive and well-made film by Jo Baier

Instrumentation: Piano and orchestra, Munich philharmonic film orchestra, conducted by Enjott Schneider, recorded on the 1.4.2006 in the Bavaria Music Studios Munich, sound master: Klaus Strazicky

Additional remarks: Screen play by Jo Baier after the memories of Michael Degan; camera: Gunnar Fuß, costumes: Ute Hofinger, editing: Clara Fabry

Movie:  Not all were murderers,  2006

Movie directed by: Jo Baier

Movie produced by: Teamworxx Berlin, Sperlfilm Munich

Distributor of movie: Degeto, SWR, BR for ARD

Performers in movie: with Nadja Uhl (Anna Degen), Aaron Altara (Michael Degen), with Hannelore Elsner, Richy Müller, Axel Prahl, Katharina Thalbach, Dagmar Manzel among others