Granica. Dance towards Death for 2 pianos and percussion (2009)

Duration: 10-12 minutes

Instrumentation: Two pianos and percussion Vibraphone (also with double bass bow) tamtam, large drum, tambourine, belltree, 2-3 toms, wood blocks, large cymbal, triangle, crotales

Solo instruments: Piano, Percussion

Introduction: Of all the limitations that man comes up against, death is the ultimate. It is also the most severe limitation.

GRANICA is a piece with one movement, which starts with a diverse and energetic 'Dance of Life' which then turns into the mysterious darkness of death.

The piece was commissiones by the Cypriot embassy for the 'Cypriot Spring 2009'.

Dedication: Dedicated to Sylvia Dankesreiter
Additional remarks: The piece was commissioned by and composed for the Cypriot embassy for the 'Cypriot Spring 2009" The topic was 'walls-borders' because Cyprus is currently the only European country that is still divided.

World premiere: 04.09.2010, Gasteig Munich BlackBox
Performers at world premiere: Sylvia Dankesreiter/Natalia Kaiser (Piano) Jonas Göbel (Percussion)



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